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New Dharma Logos and Job Titles Revealed

Hey All,
About a month ago, we posted some set photos for LOST Episode 5x08/09 that revealed the Oceanic 6 back on the island and a couple of them along with Juliet and Sawyer had Dharma outfits on!!

The outfits revealed some new logos, such as a "Star" ala a sheriff (Sawyer aka LeFluer as head of security) and a "Wrench" (Juliet and Kate as Mechanics).

Well today we have a better look at the Star Logo and our first look at the "Chef" logo!!

Here are the pics and details:

Hurley - Chef (zing!)
Miles - Security
Jin - Security
Sawyer - as LaFleur - head of security
Jack - Workman (ouch!)

Horace's suit once again reads Mathematician and has the Arrow logo on his suit.

Also present is as part of this Dharma group is Patrick Fischler (who rocked in Mad Men) as Phil, part of the security team.

Source: DarkUFO