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Episode 5x13 - Casting for Future Aaron and Ji Yeon

Wow!! This week's premiere kicked open the door for time traveling on LOST, but today we received this crazy tidbit about casting for a potential time jump 20+ years in the future for Future Aaron and Ji Yeon.

There is no guarantee this will happen because it was during an actual audition, which sometimes are fake scenes, but here are the details what do you all think!??!

Episode 5x13 - Casting for Future Aaron and Ji Yeon

- A 20's yr old character is being sought.
- This character will play a character in the future on the Island
- This character for the Audition is called Chad but I can reveal the character is actually Aaron
- The Scene takes place in 2030
- Chad/Aaron interacts with a female called JiYeon on the Island.
- The scene was very short, less that 2 pages of script.

Source: DarkUFO