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Episode 5x02 The Lie - Plot Details

The same local media site (Pioneer Local) that posted a little summary of the plot details for Episode 5x01 Because You Left has now also posted some nice spoilery plot details for the second episode of LOST's season 5 (Episode 5x02 The Lie).

For some these are MAJOR SPOILERS

1) Those left on the island are having trouble starting fires, but they soon get all the fire they need when they're attacked by flaming arrows. This sends everyone scurrying into the jungle. Just when it seemed like there couldn't possibly be any other others...

2) The Oceanic 6 continue to be linked just as many of the passengers' lives were intertwined -- without them knowing it -- before the crash. Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) miss each other by minutes after visiting the same gas station. The Hurley and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) show continues with them now as fugitives (although Sayid spends most of that time unconscious) while Hurley spends most of it in a fantastic, and very yellow, T-shirt.

3) Sun (Yunjin Kim) knows a little something about a decision Kate made when they got off the island.

4) Nose bleeds, headaches and memory loss are back on the island -- at least for one character.

5) Hurley decides to follow some advice from Sayid and ends up making it harder to get the Oceanic 6 gang back together.

6) An omniscient and creepy shopkeeper from Season 3 returns. (I assume this is in reference to Ms. Hawking)