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Episode 5x09/10 - Behind the Scenes Set Photos

Hey All,
Here are some sweet new set photos for LOST Episode 5x09 (Namaste) or 5x10 (He's Our You). To be honest these are some of my favorite set photos I have seen in awhile!!

SEveral of your favorite Losties in Dharma Suits, including the new (but previously announced) BLUE Dharma Jumpsuits. BTW they look like the mechanic jumpsuits with a new Dharma Logo and Wrench!!

Couple of other noteworthy things are, that Sawyer is in a jumpsuit that says "LaFluer" as in the episode 5x08 title "LEFluer", I wonder what is up with the typo? So I guess this is a person after all!

Plus, check out actor Eric Lange as Radzinski!? Actually his casting call listed his character name as Marty Jankowsky.. ;) Lange is scheduled to first appear in Episode 5x09, but will he be playing Radzinski!? Well check out the name on his Dharma suit! What do you all think? :)

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up!!

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: Mata

Posted by DarkUFO