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Episode 4x12 There's No Place Like Home - O6 at Christian's Funeral

Hey Losties,
As most of you spoiler lovers should know by now, the most recent filming for Season 4 of LOST had the cast and crew filming a flash forward scene with the Oceanic 6 at a funeral. Also spotted on set was Nadia (who we know has her funeral in episode 4x09).

Thus the events being filmed in Episode 4x12 will actually take place before the events of the Ben (Michael Emerson) centric episode The Shape of Things to Come.

However, the two mysteries from today's set report were, where was Matthew Fox and whose funeral is it any way?? Well Ryan was able to confirm that Fox was on set and that the funeral was indeed for Christian Shepard as rumored...!!

So does this finally answer the big is CS Alive or Dead debate!? Actually not really unless we see his body dead again I believe there will always be believers that he is ALIVE!!

Well I would say the only final mystery left is where the hell is Sun (Yunjin Kim)?? Is she on set and she was just missed by fans!? Or is she already back in Korea!?

NOTE: If you missed the initial set report with all the set photos of the O6 and Nadia at the church click the following link:

Episode 4x12 Set Photos - O6 at Funeral!?

Here is Ryan's update:

This is definitely 4x12, and Stephen Williams was directing.

The person singled out in the photo is not Matthew Fox, but I'd heard he was expected. And now I have confirmation that he did arrive, and was filming inside the church.

I also have confirmation that it's Christian Shephard's funeral.

Source: Ryan@HawaiiBlog