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Season 6 - New Set Report from Ryan

UPDATE: Thanks to Wayfinder for the following update for the filming that took place today:

I just read your update on the Paradise Park filming. I saw the signs on my way home and I arrived right when they finished filming, I saw Jack and Kate walking up to their trailers. Jack was in a Dharma jumpsuit all bloody. Then a van pulled up and Hurley, Sayid, and Jin jumped out. Another interesting thing, a whole bunch of Others were walking to the costume area as well, there was one guy that really stood out, he was Asian with long dark hair, and he looked like a pirate.

Season 6 - New Set Report from Ryan

Thanks to our good friend Ryan from Hawaii Blog for the following report and thanks to benito and Annie for the heads up.

The “LOST” production crew returned to familiar territory today, setting up base camp in Manoa Valley and shooting deep in the jungle near Paradise Park. This same area was used to film the Hydra Station exteriors, but now the forest was home to another familiar structure: The Temple.

Last week, carpenters had assembled the exterior walls of the temple at the Hawaii Film Studio (likely the other side of the temple set constructed nearby), and those same false rock walls were set up in Manoa today.

Spotted on location this morning by fortunately avid hiker Eric were Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), John Hawkes (”the guy from Deadwood” as newcomer “Lennon“), and a woman described by the crew as “Cindy” (almost certainly Kimberly Joseph, our long lost stewardess). There were also a large number of extras in drably colored, somewhat ragged clothes. And seen later in the day were Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), according to Carmel on Twitter.

The survivors were still wearing the DHARMA jumpsuits they had when the Swan Station drill collapsed. The question is, then, “When are we?” But whether Jack, Kate and friends remain in 1977, or end up “flashing” to another time, we know they’ve also been filming scenes with these characters in 2004, arriving unscathed in Los Angeles.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how both of these scenarios can be true.

Hat tip: Carmel V. and Eric. Mahalo!

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Source: Ryan@Hawaii Blog

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