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Matthew Fox Chats About Season 6 and End of Show

Hey All,
We just posted some images and clips from a Matthew Fox Interview from the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

Well the interview has several little minor spoilers and tidbits about season 6. Nothing too shocking, but still some interesting details. Fox, once again confirmed that he knows the end of the show and this time I got the sense he knows it really well.

Here is a little summary of the tidbits:

1) He knew that in that Jack and Locke would have to go head to head quite a bit in Season 6. Now if he is talking about the real Locke or Darth Locke who knows? At least we will get a good dose of Terry O' Quinn.
2) The opening scene in Season 6 will confirm what happened in the Season 5 Finale and that it will be both confusing and surprising at first.
3) About a third of the way through the season both time lines will be "solidified into one time" and there will be one linear time throughout the story on the island with no more flashbacks.
4) When describing the end of the show he uses several different adjectives and confirms talking to Damon Lindelof many times and that each time he does that it is surprising that it is so "moving". Some of the words he uses are Beatiful, Redemptive, Sad and ends with saying it is just Awesome!

You can view the clips on the front page at the following link: