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Latest Filming Update and Set Pics

Hey All,
The LOST cast and crew are filming the last weeks of Season 5 and well today we have several little tidbits sent over from our friend Ryan in Hawaii who posted a few different set reports from fans (Yoshi and Matt S) who happened to catch a glimpse of a few different scenes.

Here is a little summary:

1) Filming at Camp Erdman: “They were filming a scene where Locke brought a boar to Richard Alpert with Ben, Sun, and Juliette following,” he writes. “They had tents along the beach with some fish hangers. Locke brought the boar around his shoulders and set it in front of Alpert as if it were an offering of some sort.”

2) Paalaa Kai Bakery: Place was made up to look like someplace else. There were no familiar faces at this shoot — just a couple of little girls, hanging out on a truck, then going into the store. But one of the little girls? She was playing a very young Kate Austen.

Source: Hawaii Blog