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LOST in London - Filming Update

LOST Stars Michael Emerson (Ben), Yunjin Kim (Sun) and director Jack Bender have flown into London and according to our good friend DarkUFO, they will be filming some scenes this weekend.

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Based on Bender directing previous season finales it seems like any scenes being filmed in London would most likely be for the Season 4 finale.

Why would they film in London, when practically everything else has been filmed in Hawaii!? What are they filming!?

Well here is some speculation and food for thought:

1) Alan Dale who plays Widmore is currently working in a London theater on Spamalot. This seems like the most likely scenario, where Dale was unable to fly to London and the LOST crew flew to him. Perhaps they are just filming some interior scenes so where they are filming is irrelevant.

2) Perhaps a very specific location for an outdoor scene was required. We did see Big Ben as part of the Find815.com billboard marketing, could this be the reason? Seems unlikely, because Sun and Ben filming a potential off-island scene on location in London would definitely require some explanation.

3) Could this scene be the reason Sun is not with Jin (whether he is alive or not) during Episode 4x07 Ji Yeon.

4) Perhaps there is some sort of scene about Sun's pregnancy and Ben is keeping a close eye on the situation.

5) There has been much speculation about the finale being an Oceanic 6 FF and the producers have confirmed that The Orchid will come into play. The Orchid is apparently connected to some form of time travel/teleportation, could Ben be showing Sun how the Orchid works.

Well here is Dark's post:

I've just received some info from one of my trusted sources.

It appears that Michael Emerson and Yunjin Kim have just flown into Heathrow for some London based filming along with Jack Bender. My source is speculating that this could be some scenes from the Finale although this part is purely speculation based on Jack Bender directing previous Finale's.

So whose episode could this be seeing that it is based in London, and what are they doing in London?

Are they confronting Widmore whose office is based in London?

Source: DarkUFO