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Episode 4x12 There's No Place Like Home - Promo Pics

**UPDATED** With HQ Versions. Thanks to Deej, Lyly and Sarah for sending these in. Also, it looks like some came from DocArzt, so thanks to him as well.

Here is the initial look at the first set of promotional pictures for LOST Season 4 Episode 12 (There's No Place Like Home).

This episode is rumored to be an Oceanic 6 Multi-Centric episode. Plus,something to note is that Miles and Aaron are in the pics, but no Claire, Sawyer or Hurley.

Also, the previous episodes have had two sets of promo pics released and I am sure we will get more for this episode soon, so keep checking back for additional pics.

NOTE: We will have the HQ versions soon and will post when available, but at least you can get an idea of what will happen.

Click Here for All Previous Promo Pics

As per ABC's Request these Images have been Removed