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Latest LOST Spoilers From Kristin

Here are the latest LOST Spoilers from Kristin at E! Online.

Nothing really new for all of you spoiler lovers, but for those of you that have not stayed up to date, well there are some interesting points. Including the return of Michael, Walt, Libby and a funeral all over the next two episodes.

Marcella in Madrid: I cannot believe how evil some of the readers are! They call you stupid because you say Sun’s pregnancy may be shorter because of Island time. What is this problem of theirs?

Their problem is that they are right: I am moronic. Yunjin Kim was just in the E! building for a guest spot on our satellite radio show Yo on E! (available on XM and Sirius), and she said the following of Sun’s bumpity future: “Well, I figure I’ll stay pregnant for about another two seasons. Since we’re only on 100 days on the Island, and we’ve been on the show for four years...so, you have to remember...I feel pretty safe. I’m still not wearing any type of pregnancy pad on the show, so I think I’ve got about two more seasons in me.” I had thought that Sun’s body might be on real time, but the Island is on slower time, so she would pop that puppy out sooner. But I will quietly plop on my dunce hat and sit in the corner.

Nate in Long Island: Anything worth looking forward to on Lost?

Cynthia Watros (Libby) is back next week! Not in the present, of course. But still, I’ll take it. And she reappears the same week that Michael (Harold Perrineau) really reappears, so that’s all kinds of awesome. Also, did you hear there’s a funeral this week? Oops. If not, I may have said too much...

Franci in Paramus, New Jersey: Any news about Lost?

You know what I said in the Watch with Kristin Show about taller ghost Walt being explained in episode eight? Sometimes I talk crazy, and time travel will not explain Walt's wanderings (at least not anytime soon). Walt does appear in episode eight, but 100-percent-trustworthy sources tell me that during his blink-of-an-eye appearance, "He is exactly the size that a nine-year-old should be." And Walt's Island visitations are alluded to in episode 10, but that's it for explaining the mysteries of Walt for the rest of this much-shorter-than-it-should-be season four.

Source: E! Online