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Episode 4x10 - Filming at Hospital

*UPADTED* 3AM PST March 30th New Set Report Posted

Well Click Here to Read Updated Set Report for This Filming

Here are the latest set pictures from the set of LOST Season 4 Episode 10. Yesterday's set pics were from the Santa Rosa Hospital set and it seems like the current filming being done is for another hospital scene.

Once again Matthew Fox who plays Jack was spotted on set along with Director Stephen Williams who is set to direct episode 4x10.

With episode 10 rumored to be a Kate episode, but with confirmations that both Hurley and Jack will also appear, it seems more and more like a potential Oceanic 6 Centric Episode.

We will do our best to keep you all posted.

Thanks to Lyly for the heads up about the images.

I saw them filming downtown today, inside an office building. Looks like they did a lot of carpentry work, and there were a lot of folks in medical uniforms walking about. Someone else I sent down there spotted Matthew Fox and Stephen Williams later in the day. It's looking more and more like 4x10 is Jack-centric.

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