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Episode 4x10 - Updated Hospital Filming Set Report

Ryan sent us an email with an updated set report that he posted on his HawaiiBlog about the hospital filming that took place on the LOST set yesterday.

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This new set report contains a MAJOR plot spoiler revealing that John Terry was on set along with Matthew Fox to film scene inside Jack Shepard's office. Yes that is right, Jack's father, Christian Shepard will make another appearance during this season, this time apparently during an off island Flash forward (unless the writers switch it on us again and it is a flash back scene).

So will this be another vision or will we get the confirmation that some LOST fans (including myself) have been wishing for!? That Christian Shepard is alive!! Realistically to fit the story line it seems like this will just be another apparition like Michael seeing Libby off-island, but you never know with LOST.

Also spotted on set, but NOT a part of the scene was Sam Anderson who plays Bernard, but this confirms that he is back on set to film more scenes. Is it possible Bernard is also off-island....!? Hmmmm....I guess we will have to wait and see.

Here is Ryan's update:

The scene was set inside St. Sebastian Neurology Clinic, bustling with doctors and nurses in scrubs and white smocks. Matthew Fox was there, of course. But so was John Terry. One scene took place at the hospital’s front desk, and another inside Dr. Jack Shephard’s office. More than a few minds were blown when Sam Anderson showed up… but he was apparently just visiting with his wife and kids. It’s good to know he’s back in town, though!

Source: Hawaii Blog