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Michael Emerson Interview

Here is an exert from an Interview with Micharl Emerson today. Thanks to Jennifer for the heads up.

ABC is being quite coy about tonight's Desmond-themed episode, "Happily Ever After." Are we in for something special tonight?
Like many other episodes this season, it's ... it's just a good reveal. The door creaks open a little bit further. Something in the mechanics of the narrative is going to make itself ... we're going to think about things differently — certainly about Desmond.

It's tough to answer those types of questions, isn't it?
One of the things I'm not going to miss is trying to decide what I can say and what I can't say about the show. It's going to be so great when the finale airs and then I can just talk freely about everything we did and what it all meant. But, honesty, I think the upcoming episode is a strong one and, like every other episode this season, it points us toward the end.

Source: Full Interview @ NY Mag

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