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Latest from Kristin - Who's Kate Kissing?

Thanks to NoOne for the heads up.

Only five episodes left of Lost...sob! I hit the show's set in Oahu, Hawaii, for tonight's episode, which is not to be missed—and had some nice one-on-one time with some of our favorite Losties: Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway and Jorge Garcia.

We also have exclusive, behind-the-scenes raw video that sure seems to imply that things are so not all right with Jack and Sawyer tonight, and Kate may be stuck in the middle. (Gulp.)

So hmmm...why was Evangeline talking about lip gloss? What's this about Hurley going evil? And what "guy talk" do Jack and Sawyer have in store?

Here's the scoop from the set, and exclusive video:

Though we showed you some parts of these interviews in an earlier post, we now can show you everything, since we don't have to worry so much about spoiling things you haven't yet seen (like Jack and Sawyer in the same locale). So here's Evangeline Lilly on why she isn't planning on acting past Lost—honestly, she isn't!—and whether she's been kissing anyone on (or off?) the set lately...

Josh Holloway is planning on continuing on as an actor—glory be! And here he talks about how life has changed since Lost and whether he believes Sawyer to be ultimately good or evil, plus where we might see him next...(DId he just say G-string?!)

Do Hurley and Libby stand a chance? Jorge tackles tthat Q, and weighs in on whether Hurley could ever go evil...

And surprise, surprise...There is some secrecy on Lost! We were only able to shoot a teensy sliver of the scene they were shooting while I was on the set of tonight's episode (and given Lost's sweeping camera angles, we had to squeeze our crew in where we could). But shippers of the Lost world, check it out. I know you all have been begging for any sort of relationship scoop recently, and frankly, I haven't had any to share. (Sorry!) But this teensy little tease, along with the following audio, sure makes it clear that Jack and Sawyer have some issues (most likely regarding Juliet's death) to sort out:

Sawyer: "Ready to roll?"
Kate: "What was that all about?"
Sawyer: "Guy talk."
Cut to: Jack sitting all mopey-like on a tree stump.

Here's the raw, behind-the-scenes video:

Source: E!Online