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Latest Season 6 Spoilers via Paley Center Festival

Here is a breakdown of the Paley Center Panel with the LOST cast and crew.

Thanks to NoOne for the heads up and E! Online for the details.

NOTE: There are details of a sneak peek that was shown as well.

1. Jack's baby momma (mother of David Shephard in the flash-sideways world) IS somebody we've met before. Juliet? Kate? Sara? Hmm...

2. We probably will see Walt again. "[Malcolm David Kelley] absolutely would still be on the show," Carlton Cuse said, "but the actor aged." Damon Lindelof: "We are working on a way to bring Walt back before Lost is all said and done."

3. Damon: "Ilana and Richard will say things to each other and about each other in the future."

4. Terry O'Quinn is "playing a guy who we're not going to see until the finale." (Eeeee!)

5. Someone IS coming to the island.

6. Matthew Abbadon will not return.

7. We will get an answer to Libby and Hurley and their connection in the past.

8. Vincent will be back.

9. The finale is being written right now. Episode 15 was just shot this week in Hawaii.

10. Damon says there's no need for an island to have a Lost-themed ride at Disney World: "Just put people in a black room, spin them around and punch them in the face and tell them 'You just had the Lost experience.'"

11. Will we find out if there really was a bird on the island that said "Hurley" as it flew by? "That is on our list of things to explain."

12. When asked if we'll find out what happened to Annie, Ben's childhood sweetheart, Carlton says "We don't want to say. Probably not."

13. The gang's back together! While answering an unrelated Q, Terry O'Quinn mentioned: "A whole bunch of the cast is working together again."

14. There will be more for Charlie fans.

15. Alan Dale aka Charles Widmore will return.

16. Whether Jacob actually ever furnished a list of candidates to Ben or The Others is speculative...and might have been Ben lying to get the surgery from Jack.

17. A clip was shown for next week's episode in which Sayid says "apparently, I'm evil," Miles tells Sayid he was dead and says "Whatever brought you back it wasn't them (Temple people)," and Claire storms into the Temple telling Dogen that "He" wants to talk to him.

Check back later for exclusive interviews with the cast and producers of Lost, and Modern Family too.

In the meantime, what does this all mean for the very end? How does the whole cast come together again? Discuss!

Source: E! Online