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Episode 6x11 - Filming Update and Set Photos (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Ryan has updated his post with some new tidbits, pics, and even a little set video of the scene.

Here are a few pics of what appears to be a "high" Charlie in his Season 1 outfit with Desmond!? WTF is going on!?

Make sure to head to Hawaii Blog for more details!

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Earlier today our friend DarkUFO reported that a scene involving Desmond and Charlie in some sort of "ALT Timeline" was being filmed today.

We also just got the heads up from our other good friend Ryan from Hawaii Blog about some more details and a set photo that was posted by a fan via his Twitter.

Report from Ryan:

The AG’s building has been transformed into the “Airport Courthouse.” And in front of the building, who should be meeting but Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). Photo posted by rossb on Twitter.

Source: Hawaii Blog

Here is the pic of Des and Charlie via Rossb on Twitter