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Episode 6x11 - Another Filming Update and Set Pics

The scene was being filmed on Queen Street between Punchbowl and Mililani (right behind the Supreme Court). Jack Bender was directing, and I saw Desmond and Charlie sitting around, but the scene I watched being filmed only involved Charlie coming out of a building and walking briskly across the street without looking. It was almost like he was in a hypnotic state (maybe he was high??). Anyway, the cars (all with California plates) were slamming on their brakes trying to avoid him. Pretty cool scene to watch being filmed. Those stunt drivers were going very fast and from my vantage point came really close to hitting him. I attached a pic to give you an idea of the scene. It's from my phone and during a break in the action so it's not the best. The tent on the right is where Charlie and Desmond were sitting. From my POV, Charlie was walking from right to left across the street.

Source: Quickdraw@DarkUFO