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Latest Filming Updates and Spoilers

Latest Filming Updates and Spoilers

It is good to know we will get a good dose of the temple and that Sayid is safe and alive, but I love the confirmation that we WILL see Jacob again!!


1) They are back (10/13) filming at Diamond Head Studio and Jacob is one of the characters slated to appear.Other characters who had scenes at Diamond Head (Bender Unit): Hurley, Jin, Dogan(I believe this is the Asian fellow)

2)Detective Rasmussen who talks to Kate at the hospital where "Dr. Goodspeed" is delivering Clair's baby, is a female detective, younger thirties something brunette, nobody that we have seen before on the show.

3) I believe this is the opening episode (6.01/6.02), where we see all this stuff with the pirates who are the Temple guard
They are shooting Alt. Realy stuff at the same time and I think the two shoots are moving at different speeds. The temple stuff with all the fights are taking longer.

4)Sayid was captured by the temple Others after the Incident, and tortured by them. But they are the ones who also healed him from his season 5 wounds.

5)When the other Losties get into the temple after the fight and Richard smoothes things over between the 2 groups everyone is releaved and happy to find Sayid alive.

6)This is where we meet the long haired Asian guy and Jacob will be here too.
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Source: Purple Flash via DarkUFO