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Filming Update and Photos - 22nd October

Thanks to AlaskaDave one of the Lostpedia SysOps for sending this excellent set report and photos all through to us.

Right near where they filmed Claire's Log (iconic log where Claire gave birth,and where drugged up Claire and Ethan hung out), we stumbled across a somewhat large lean-to built entirely of wood and old tarp. There was a pelt (animal skin) hanging on one side of the lean-to. See pic below:

As luck would have it, and as I was sneakily taking pictures of the lean-to, a yellow Penske truck pulled up the valley (LOST Crew!) and began to unload tons of old looking crap - old pots, pans, an old bicycle, old metal boxes. See pic below:

Some of these old metal boxes had some Dharma logos on them. I wasn't able to get a clear pic of the Dharma logo stuff, obviously, as I was sneaking the pics, but you can see it in the pic below:

We stayed to watch them dress the set by tossing tons of old shit all around the lean-to, and inside it. Are we to assume this is the lean-to that Claire brings Jin to? Ironic they were filming right next to the Claire log, eh? :)

Wow, Beach Camp is all a flutter with activity! In the main part of Beach Camp, there are lots of smaller little lean-tos, made of sticks and airplane wreckage. However, there are a few larger structures, made with larger sticks and tarps. Some pics of the main Beach Camp set can be seen below:

And here is a wider shot showing some more of the basic lean-tos:

Just a few hundred yards down from main Beach Camp, they've rebuilt Eko's church, still just made out of sticks, exactly how we saw it last in S2. HOWEVER, the coolest thing is that, right next to the church, they have built a grave! Presumably, this is the gravesite from the Sun-spoiler. See pic below:

Here is another pic showing the grave next to a little bit of Eko's church:

Some pretty major stuff here, including a great find left behind by some forgetful crew member :p Otherville was dressed up to look WAY run down. Almost like... its hard to say, but they made it up to be quite broken down and all torn up apart. The playground set had been taped off and looked like something major happened to it. See pic below:

They still have the old lights set up around the entire set, and there are broken malibu lights along all of the walkways in Otherville. See pic below:

Here's the cool thing: When we were poking around the playground set, we stumbled across a box left by a crew member that said "2007 Otherville: Broken Malibu Lights" - which places the Otherville set in a timeframe, and verifies that the set is supposed to look all broken up and run down (not that we thought any differently of course :p). Inside were the same lights we had been seeing all over the main Otherville set. See pic below:

Well, they've slapped a new coat of paint on The Flame, and have rebuilt the interior! Previously, the flame had no interior walls (as can be seen in Enter 77, when Mikhail is patching up Sayid). However, as of very recently, they've patched up the walls, and have updated the paint. See pic below:

They've also updated the Dharma logo on the outside of the structure:

Well, we were escorted off property (read: kicked the fuck out), but not before securing a pic of the back of the Temple. See pic below:

One of the cooler sights was the John Locke well (that he fell down into before meeting Christian in the FDW chamber), which they seemed to be prepping for filming. Same with the Anthony Cooper Pillar. I cant find my pics of that, Im sorry. I know I suck :p

This isn't a huge thing, but the interesting thing is, normally there's this little structure at the end of the Pala Ferry Dock, but this week, the structure has been made to look all torn up and taken down. Again, may not be anything huge, but is kind of a neat little find. See pic below:

Source: AlaskaDave via DarkUFO
Posted by DarkUFO