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New Set Pics of Othersville Being Prepped for Filming

Hey All,
Here are some new set pics of Othersville being prepped for filming. Apparently filming should be taking place in the next couple of days, but there was some crew prepping.

In the images you will see some pictures of how the cabins should be set up and these images were found taped on the doors of the cabins informing the crew. Also note some random items being circled. Not sure why those specific items, maybe a hint to a specific scene?

One of my personal favorite images is the playground setup. Could we be seeing Annie or Young Ben again!? Well according to the report we could be seeing the 70s time line again.

Thanks to Roxy for this little report and the pics:

Here are some pics from Othersville (Camp Erdman), included are pics of the whole camp and a couple of the cabins along with the playground setup again. They are making it to look (and I quote) "70's" but old looking" (i.e. rusty, dirty, broken).

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