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Episode 6x03 What Kate Does - Latest Spoiler Revealed

Hey All,
Our good friend DarkUFO was running a hangman game via one of his sources and the smart LOST fans were able to guess the sentence after ONLY 3 letters were revealed!!

C, D, and L were the three letters and this is the solution, which I assume follows the Episode 6x03 What Kate Does storyline with Kate and Claire.

After the set pics we posted yesterday of William Mapother on set where Claire was going into labor this is not too shocking.

Here is the solution to the game:

When Claire is giving birth in the alt timeline the name on the doctors coat is Doctor Goodspeed and its William Mapother

Boy I am loving the parallels or "mirrors" from the storyline we have seen already. Kate helps Claire and is present when she gives birth to Aaron and so was Ethan!!

What do you all think??