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Season 6 - First Look and Filming Reports

Hey All,
As you know I just returned from Oahu and was able to visit a set where the first exterior scenes of Season 6 were being filmed. Earlier in the week we had confirmations of BOTH Michael Emerson and Terry O' Quinn (Ben and Locke) filming interior scenes at Diamond Head studios and then received a tip that perhaps a plane set was being prepared. The Ben/Locke scene led to immediate speculation about a continuation of the 4-Toed Statue scene.

However, the real fun was what took place out doors. A day before the actual filming of the exteriors scenes I found out that they were planning the outdoor scenes with perhaps some night shots. Unfortunately they were filming on the day I was leaving! I knew I had to take a chance and visit during the early hours to see what was there and I scored with not only finding the set but being able to check it out!

The initial images we posted and the set we visited were the base of the 4-Toed Statue without the Foot of course. I was able to get an up close and personal look at the set as I walked along the beach around the area to see a bonfire pit setup along with the facade built of the 4-Toed statues base!! I even took one shot looking out of the doorway to give you all a glimpse of what it would look like walking out of the statue!!

Unfortunately on the day I was leaving was when they were filming and I missed the filming and my chance at meeting any of the actors. Did ABC KNOW I was leaving!? Who knows?? Of course it seems it was not my fate to meet any of them this trip.
However, several other fans happen to be in town and lucked out!!

Our good friend Ryan in Hawaii (many thanks to him and everyone else for all the info while I visited) was sent several reports from these fans and I was able to get an image sent to me for one of the first scenes filmed during the day. Thanks to our source for providing such an awesome shoe picturing Ben, Locke, Ilana, Lapidus and Sun along with several of the others. Bram and Richard were on set but are not pictured.

As you have probably guessed by now, this is a direct continuation of the Season 5 finale with Ben and Locke (UnLocke) exiting the statue and meeting with the rest of the characters.

Our source did not understand what was taking place but as you can see all the others are looking to the sky as Ben and UnLocke walk towards the rest. My first thought was could there be a plane crash or perhaps another flash (purple sky incident)??

Well Ryan's Set Report has several great details describing a scene with UnLocke beating the crap out of Richard!!

What is going on!?

Plus, you can read Ryan's full report here: Hawaii Blog

Many of you wondered how I even FOUND the set?? Especially when no one else knew and it was in a VERY remote part of Oahu on the West-Side of the island. Lets just say there are several little birdies in those jungles and I met a few during my trip around the island the day before. ;)

Here are all the pics I took:

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