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Potential MAJOR Spoiler - Filming Update

Hey All,
Just wanted to let you all know I am back from my wonderful trip to the beautiful Hawaii!!

Thanks to everyone that helped get me around and that I visited with!!

Now before leaving I mentioned a potential MAJOR spoiler I could not Tweet about. On the last day I was in Oahu, I got a call from some one that had some really good inside information.

Of course they knew their job was on the line and asked me not to post anything we talked about. So I told them I would respect their word, but asked if there was anything I could reveal to you all and they gave me one little tidbit which I felt was big, but not shocking.

This is what they said: "At the studios it seems like they are setting up for a plane set"

When I asked them for more they would not reveal more. This person is legit, but I am not sure if the plane is Flight 815 as a reset or any other plane??

I know you all have seen a few of the pics of the 4-Toed statue set and I will post more soon, but I did want to let you all know this tip before I begin working and trying to catch up with the 1000s of emails!!

NOTE: Studios of course I am assume is Diamond Head studios, where we were able to confirm earlier this week BOTH Terry O' Quinn and Michael Emerson were filming scenes together.