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Two New Filming Updates for Season 5

Hey All,
Here are the latest filming updates for Season 5 of LOST.

Neither one is too shocking as they are pretty much re-confirming previous spoilers, but the first one is from and interview Lance Reddick had with People about Fringe. Of course he discussed LOST confirming that he filmed a whole episode with Terry O' Quinn. If you have stayed up to date on spoilers you will remember that he is likely talking about the several set photos we posted of Abaddon and Locke on some mission through Locke's past and meeting up with Hurley at one point and then Walt at another point.

The second tidbit seems to support the recent filming reports of the O6 back on the island and this report claims a fan viewed Hurley near a VW on the North Shore and that Sawyer seemed to be a part of the shoot as well.

Well here are the reports enjoy!!

Update 1 About Abaddon:
As for J.J. Abrams's other conspiracy-laced hit, Reddick – who plays Matthew Abbadon, a creepy figure who's supposedly a lawyer – just finished filming an episode of Lost in Hawaii.

Any hints? "I was with Terry O'Quinn throughout the entire episode," says Reddick, referring to the actor who plays enigmatic island leader John Locke.

Asked whether he's a good guy or a villain on the show, Reddick says, "This show is so secretive that the only thing I can say is that, whatever may happen in the show, Abbadon definitely thinks he's a good guy. He's convinced that he's on the side of the angels."

Source: People

Update 2 About Hurley/Sawyer Scene
More about that Dharma shooting we mentioned yesterday that includes the Oceanic Six and Sawyer. An eagle-eyed reader writes to us:

I live on the North Shore, where they shoot Lost. On a hike today near the ocean I saw a scene with Hurley standing around in dark clothes while a blue and white VW bus came buzzing up and stopped by him. An hour later when I was on my way back, I saw that Sawyer (i'm pretty sure) had joined the scene. There were two or three extra blue and white VWs on standby out of scene and the one I saw up close had the Dharma logo on its front.

Source: io9