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Episode 4x11 Cabin Fever - Filming at Leilehua High School

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Hey All,
Yesterday the LOST crew was at it again and they were continuing with filming Season 4 Episode 11 which has pretty much been confirmed a Locke (Terry O' Quinn) Flashback.

This FB is a little unique as it explores Locke's childhood, beginning even as early as his birth possibly. Well I exchanged a couple of emails with our good friend Ryan@HawaiiBlog about the filming that took place yesterday and he did say that the crew was at a high school (Leilehua HS) and that he saw a Young 16-Year Old Locke on set and that the other students were dressed in 60s/70s clothing.

All of this definitely matches the Episode 4x11 casting call that we posted a couple of weeks ago.

Additionally one of DarkUFO's sources was able to confirm that the High School's name that will be used in the show is Cowin Heights Knights and that thes scene was a kid (most likely Locke) coming out of a locker.

Poor Young Locke.