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POLL: Episode 4x08 - One of These 3 Will Die

Hey All,
If you watched the ABC promo after last week's episode of LOST, it dropped a potential spoiler that "Someone will die". Now, I feel if it is in an ABC promo I can not imagine them spoiling the fans of a MAJOR death, so I believe it will be a minor character and perhaps someone from the freighter.

However, the folks at UGO have narrowed it down to the following 3 characters:

Claire, Miles or Karl.

I feel at some point Claire will die, but I truly can not see how this will fit the storyline right now. Well below are the details and a little poll for you to voice your opinion.

Okay, ABC is playing the death card again. What does that say about us Lost fans, really? Are we a bunch of blood thirsty savages? Regardless of the psychology behind throwing character chum in the ratings water, it’s hard to not be participate in the practice of trying to figure out which character is going to be taking a dirt nap. We’ll go one better for you, if you don’t mind minor spoilers, and narrow the playing field a bit.

One of these three characters is dying tomorrow. See if you can figure out who:

It has been foretold. Supposedly a person working for craft services catered a party for star Emilie Ravine shortly after her death scene was filmed. In the scene, Claire and Aaron are getting on the helicopter and Daniel pushes Claire out to her death.

No, it wasn’t the hand grenade, it was a play. Actor Ken Leung is apparently booked to perform in a play. Some people say that this was a classic case of double booking done to compensate for an anticipated lack of work during the strike. If that is true, Leung could have canceled this gig to honor his Lost contract—but THAT has not been confirmed.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Actor Blake Bashoff has actually been performing in a play titled “Spring Awakening.” Now, since LOST hasn’t been in production until recently, it could have, again, been a strike induced overlapping gig, and let’s face it… Karl isn’t a “major” character (don’t tell Alex I said that).

Source: TV UGO