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Latest LOST Spoilers From Kristin

Kristin from E! Online most recent post has provided us with a couple of little spoilers for Season 4 of LOST.

Not sure how many of you really care or would be excited for this, but Kristin says her sources informed her that another Kate (Evangeline Lilly) centric episode is coming soon. She also mentions the episode 11 casting call which we have already posted.

The details are below.

Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

NOTE: Took out the non-LOST related info.

Anything on Lost?
For starters, I'll be heading out to Hawaii next week to hit the set.

Also, I'm hearing that Evangeline Lily has another Kate-centric episode coming up (holler!) which I think may work out to be episode 10, and for you who are wondering about her highlighted-hair look from the opening of Dominic Monaghan's photo gallery exhibit (stand by for much more on that!), it was a wig, yes, but she hadn't "pulled a Britney" and shaved her head, you silly ducklings. I saw her the night before while interviewing Dom, and it was just as brown and long and purty and real as ever.

Lost dish, please!
A little casting dish on the 11th episode: They're casting two teenagers (a boy and a girl) and a 5-year-old boy. And here's an interesting thing: The teenage girl needs to have red hair. Could it possibly be a flashback for Charlotte? Hmmm...

Source: E! Online