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Latest from Ausiello - 31st March 2010

Thanks to MIBsCrazyMother and Josh for the heads up.

Question: No Lost scoop in the last Ask Ausiello?! How about this, I’ll forgive you if you can give me something doubly juicy to make up for going a whole week without tidbits! —Matt
Ausiello: If you were a fan of “The Constant,” then you’re going to love next week’s heart-shaped episode. And if you weren’t, you won’t. It’s that simple. In other news, the Grim Reaper will soon be making his move. And I’m hearing words like “bloodbath” and “mass casualties” being thrown around.

Question: Any info on Ana-Lucia’s Lost return? —Craig
Ausiello: None whatsoever. My guess? She’s Miles’ mysterious girlfriend.

Source: EW

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