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Latest from Ryan - Podcast 28th December

Thanks to our good friend Ryan from The Transmission for sending us his latest excellent podcast.

The spoiler section is about one hour, 5 minutes in.

Here is a summary of the spoilers:

- There was a lot of filming @ Police beach, were some guy (Blake) didn't see much because they did a good job at keeping people away but he definitely spotted;
Locke, Sun, Jack, Hurley, Ben, Miles, Frank, Illana, Alpart and Widmore. Coming and going at different times and it was hard to say if they were all together.
And on his last day Blake saw them putting up these portable Sonic Fences on the beach. And that there are pictures of Locke in front/behind those fences.
- Location shoots by Darren @ the golf club in the Kitchen.
And he saw a giant butcher knife.
And on set he saw Sun, Jin (Who was looking very beat-up and had a bloody wound over his left eyebrow), Sayid, Keamy (Who got a gun shot wood in his side), Omar (Gun shot wound in his stomach) and Mihail (who looked young and had both of his eyes and learned Korean).
Scene goes:
Mihail, with both eyes, holds Sun hostage and spooks her in a dark kitchen.
He comes around the corner and Keamy is lying on the ground, already shot.
Mihail goes to check on him and as he does that Jin comes in and Jin is fighting with Mihail ==> Yin pulls Mihail around, gets his gun and shoots, and the third shot hits Mihail in the eye! (Some think its the knife but Darren is pretty sure it was the gun.) and Mihail falls on the ground.
- Larry Joshua is a new (guest) actor on LOST (they got that from a call sheet) and he'll be in the Sun & Jin episode.
- Sun & Jin were shooting at the Sydney Airport and at a Korean Bank (but all in Hawaii filmed of course) and that's probably were Larry comes in.
- There will be some street driving coming up. And a car will drive off of a pier!
- The scientists are chasing Sawyer to the beach
- A new camp we hadn't seen before build with airplane stuff and Darren said that will be Claire's camp, and we'll see where she has been and here time is described as "wild"

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