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Latest from Kristin - 24th Dec

Thanks to NoOne for the heads up.

For a good five seasons now, Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) has been one of the most sping-tingling, blood-curling "bad guys" on television, and certainly the most creeptastic "Other" on ABC's Lost.
But that's about to change in the upcoming final season, starting Feb. 2, because there's a new Baddie on Lost who will make Ben Linus look more like the wimpy Peanuts character with whom he shares a name.
So who is this terrifying and awesome new Big Bad? What has he done and how will you see him?
As our 12 Days of Lost-mas--in which we stuff your stockings with spoilery goodies--continues, here are three true things I can tell you about the New Big Bad.
Killed **h*.
Killed ***o*.
Is *h* **o** *****e*.
Wants to "g* **m*."
Again, this time, all three of these things are true. Your job is to decifer the missing letters...

Source: E!Online