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Season 5 Finale Spoilers Clue Solved

Hey All,
A couple of days ago we posted a little clue for the Season 5 Finale Episode 5x16/17 The Incident from our good friend Ryan in Hawaii and today we posted a new casting announcement that former Dexter Actor Mark Pellegrino has joined the cast.

Well we can now confirm what it all means and who Pellegrino is playing.

I am putting the spoilers behind a button just to play it safe for those that do NOT want to know.

NOTE: If you repost this spoiler elsewhere PLEASE PROVIDE READERS WITH A WARNING.

Now like last season we have gotten word that there are some secret shoots taking place and that alternate scenes will be filmed to try and throw us off. However, I trust the source fully and this info was direct from the filming of this particular scene only.

Also, some sites have reported filming has wrapped, but that is not the case we have several sources confirming some potential work/filming still taking place for about another week.

Additionally Ryan mentioned to us that on their next Transmission podcast they will discuss and confirm what they know.

So there you go. Do you like this casting!? What does it all mean!?

Thanks for stopping by!