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Michael Could Possibly Return!?

After the Season 4 Finale, I remember reading an article with Harold Perrineau voicing his displeasure with how the LOST producers handled the return of Michael, only to ultimately blow up with the Freighter.

Of course on LOST you can never count out any character so this news is not too shocking, but today we received our first confirmation from TV Guide's Matt Mitovich that Perrineau could possibly still appear on the show.

Here is what he posted:

As for Michael....
Harold Perrineau is busy starring on the midseason ABC series The Unusuals. "I'm working for the same network so anything can happen," says the actor. "You never know what Carlton and Damon are going to do."

This tidbit was a part of Mitovich's TCA report and was the only new detail that was not posted earlier from Ausiello's TCA Live blog.

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