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Episode 5x13 - More Details and Pics

Well it seems like several more fans happen to be on set today to capture the filming going on.

Here are some details from Chris@DarkUFO

And the 1st scene I'm not sure who was involved. I THOUGHT I saw Abbadon's head, but i could be wrong. and i could hear them over the fence, mentioning money. and being surprised and stuff. they also were later shooting a scene with a little Asian boy (assuming its a young miles.) running into a hotel room, and I believe seeing a "dead body" because thats what they had kinda said. i saw them putting a dummy in there. and when the boy went in the room he acted surprised, and then i heard them saying "Charlie up" "Eko's up" and "Locke's up" between takes.

After the boy would run inside, an Asian woman and an older looking gentlemen went in there after him. there was also an older looking Asian man on set acting as well. i m not sure doing what or who it was.

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