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Episode 5x03 Jughead - Sneak Peek 2

Hey All,
Here is the second sneak peek for this week's LOST Episode 5x03 - Jughead

It features a scene with Penny, Desmond and their son!!


Thanks as always to our good friend DarkUFO for the clip.

Click Here to View Sneak Peek 3

NOTE: Transcript below

Thanks to T.L.A for the transcript

Desmond: Beyond where you can see, there's an island. And it's a very special island. I left it a long time ago..never thought I'd see it again. It's called Great Britain. And the most beautiful part of the island is Scotland. And that's where your daddy's from. There's mountains and glens and monsters and deep lochs and...it's where your mummy and daddy fell in love.

Penny: It's also where he broke her heart.

Desmond: Yeah well, I thought I'd leave a wee bit out.

Penny: You also left out the bit about his grandfather. The man who sent a boat to the island to kill all daddy's friends.

Desmond: We'll be in and out. He'll never know we're here Penny.

Penny: Don't underestimate him Desmond. If he finds out we're here, I don't know what he'll do.

Desmond: This has nothing to do with your father Penny. We are here because of Daniel Faraday. He told me that everyone on that island is in danger and I'm the only one that can help them. I have to do this Penny.