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Damon and Carlton Answer Some Fan Questions!!

Hey All,
Here is the second video from this week's Dharma Special Access videos. It is a clip with LOST Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse wishing us a Happy Holidays and then answering some of the fan questions that were sent in.

Nothing too revealing but they do confirm Smokey was on the island before Dharma arrived!!

Here is a little summary for those that can not view the video:

1) Happy Holidays from Darlton
2) They do not confirm either way who all has to go back and says the characters will also question what Ben means?
3) Damon: Saddest moment is Charlie's death.
4) About the Dharma Runway - Damon says it is irrelevant, Carlton says it is a big part of Season 5
5) Smokey was on the island before Dharma arrived
6) The last question was if Jacob is the "heart" of the island and if that is the reason why the island had to move, they kind of joked saying that this is now their plan for the show.