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Lindelof and Cuse Interview with KROQ Radio Show.

LOST Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had an interview with a local Los Angeles radio show, KROQ (106.7 FM) where they discussed LOST and provided us with some interesting tidbits, including that the numbers will return in the season 4 finale and that Dharma will play a significant role in Season 5.

Here is the audio and quick little transcript.

NOTE: Audio has much mor than what is listed in the transcript.

thanks to DarkUFO for the audio.


1) Try to react and please the fans. Use Niki and Paulo example. Plus check online to see what fans think of pace and if something is too confusing. Happy they signed a deal with ABC to end the show.
2) Numbers will return in season finale. They are obsessed with the numbers
3) Dharma will return in Season 5 and is a "huge" part of show
4) Assume everyone watching is smart and just keep pushing ahead, but ABC has done a good job to help those that miss all the clues in the show
5) Romantic stories in finale
6) Locke will chat with occupants in Jacob's Cabin
7) No problem killing characters? They want the story to feel real.
8) Master list of unanswered questions and they review it every so often to make sure they are answering them.