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Episode 4x12/13 - A Kiss to Stop Time and More Blood and Death!?

Here is the latest from TV Guide's Ausiello about the Season 4 finale of LOST. Ausiello says the "spectacular kiss" will stop time and make the world disappear for a moment!? Plus, he also mentions that the last two hours we will see more blood and a "significant" death.

Wow so the "kiss" that has been reported has something to do with the time factor on the show!? Plus, it seems like once AGAIN we will have to see another character face death!?

Question: Ausiello, last year you rode in on a white steed and gave us crucial info about the Lost finale. Can you be our hero again this season and give us more on the "spectacular kiss"? — Beth

Ausiello: It seems Darlton was holding out on us. Not only is the kiss spectacular, but according to a very solid source, it's the kind of liplock that "stops f---ing time" and "makes the entire world vanish in the moment."

Question: No. Lost. Scoop. In. Last. Week's. AA. Help. — David and Pam

Ausiello: There's a fair amount of blood shed in next week's two-hour capper. And there's at least one significant death.

Source: TV Guide