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Michael Emerson Reveals Spoilers in Interview

LOST star Michael Emerson recently had an interview where he discusses some spoilers for the rest of Season 4. During the interview, you can hear Emerson trying to do his best to try and not spill the beans too much by taking an extra second to think before he answers the question, but still provides us with some minor spoilers.

Most of the info we already know, but he does say that the show will move forward, backward and "sideways" in time!? Is he hinting at possible alternate time lines!?

Here is a summary of the spoilers:
1) Ben has a lot to do in the next few episodes in a lot of "different places"
2) Ben will get some good airtime
3) We move around in time, forward, backward and "sideways"
4) Remaining episodes are violent and gaining speed down hill
5) New characters are very "wicked" and "dangerous" so you will like Ben more because he is not as "bad"

There is a little more to the interview and below is the audio unfortunately the sound quality is not the best, but it is still always good to listen to Emerson.

Metro Editor Will Glover conducts a telephone interview with Michael Emerson, who plays "Ben Linus" on the hit ABC TV series "LOST."