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LOST Season 4 - DarkUFO Confirms Spoiler

Hey There Losties,
So this week, Kristin's (E!Online) latest blog did not reveal much LOST, but a fan did question her about her April's Fool's day post.

So to help out our good friend DarkUFO decided to clear up Kristin's April Fools Post by confirming which one of her listed items was actually true.

Dark confirmed that Sawyer, Jin and Locke are alive on the island in the future and to me this one seemed to be the most logical solution, but it is a major spoiler because it indeed confirms that Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is ALIVE on island!!

So the question now becomes do the Oceanic 6 and Sun know!?

I'll let you all know now that the her April Fools list of 10 items, the correct one was "7. Jin, Sawyer and Locke are alive on the Island in the future.".

Source: DarkUFO