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Kristin from the Set of LOST with Daniel Dae Kim

Hey All,
Here is the latest from Kristin at E! Online who visited the set of LOST last month. She starts this week with weekly cast interviews and the first clip gives us an interview with Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and they discuss his potential death in Episode 4x07 Ji Yeon.

No real new spoilers, but it does seem that he is alive for some time.

Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

Aloha and welcome to Oahu, Hawaii! As you may have heard, Lost is coming back this week for its final run of episodes for this season. Woot woot! To celebrate (and do some digging), I hit the island to check in on the set and find out what's happening with the Losties, the Others and the Freighters.

We're bringing you a different castmember each day during Lost Week, which launches today with the fantastic Mr. Daniel Dae Kim!

Press play above to find out how DDK found out Jin might be dead, what his interpretation of the Jin gravesite scene is, what Sun and Ji-Yeon's escape from the Island means for the Kwon family, his take on Jin's wacky English vocabulary and, oh yeah, a little Korean song-room madness involving Josh Holloway...

Source: E!Online