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FALSE: Italian Actor Ricky Memphis to Make an Appearance!?

**UPDATED** As expected this rumor/spoiler has been proven to be a hoax and foiler.

Earlier today, our good friend DarkUFO posted a rumor about Italian actor Ricky Memphis making an appearance in an episode of LOST.

I do not know much about Memphis, but it seems that this rumor might have some legs to it. Apparently local media is reporting it as true. According to this source he will be playing a character named Emilio an he has already filmed a scene with Matthew Fox (Jack) and Lance Reddick (Abaddon).

There is no confirmation of this potential minor spoiler, but you never know...??

Thanks to Pupununu (via Il Numero 2) for the following info:

I have read of an appeareance of Ricky Memphis, an italian "actor" in Lost on lostrumoursblogspot.

Through various italian sources (realiable contacts at Telefilm-Central.org, the greatest Italian forum regarding tv shows) I have had a sort of confirmation of this and some additional info.

Memphis has had a scene with Matthew Fox and Lance Reddick. They filmed in Pearl City and Memphis' character is supposed to be called "Emilio".

They told me that the filming of the scene took only few hours, then Ricky came back to Italy, so I think it will be a minor role, but my contact said that Memphis was asked the possibility to come back in the future. Since there are only few episodes left, I think that "future" means "next season".

Source: ODI