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Episode 4x12 - Latest Spoilers from Ausiello

TV Guide's Ausiello made his most recent post today and had a couple of tidbits for LOST. Nothing major new and since we have seen most of this info, we know it is for the season finale (Episode 4x12).

However, he does mention that Greg Grunberg (the Oceanic 815 Pilot) who was spotted last week in Hawaii for filming, was actually filming the scene for the finale and that another pilot will be introduced during the episode as well.

Here you go:

Question: Lost scoop, pretty please? — Darren

Ausiello: An elaborate ******* scene was shot last week. And I hear all of the Ocean Six were present and accounted for.

Question: More Lost, please! — Tim

Ausiello: Guess who RSVP'd "Yes" to Locke's flashback episode on May 1? Nestor Carbonell! Meanwhile, my frenemy at E! Online is reporting that Greg Grunberg will reprise his role as Oceanic pilot Seth Norris in the two-hour season finale. Coincidentally, that same episode will feature the introduction of another pilot, a "young Top Gun type" who, per the casting sheet, doesn't like it when his copilot brings Lucky Charms onboard. Or was it a lucky charm? Eh, it was one of those two.

Source: TV Guide