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Episode 4x09 The Shape of Things to Come - Official ABC Podcast

Once again thanks to our good friend DarkUFO for the heads up about the Official ABC LOST Podcast for next week's episode (4x09) just a little early. :)

The podcasts usually are release after the episode so if you do not want these spoilers just yet, then maybe hold off, if you do not mind well enjoy!!

Thanks to PeeWee for the summary.

Q. Smoke monster, is it controlled by the island or are the others are controlling it?
A. In episode 9, that question will be answered. You will learn something new about it

Q. Last episode, did Ben send Karl and French chick into the jungle because he knew people would be there?
A. In 4x09 you will know who shot them. Dodge the other part of the question

Q. Will there be at Danni flashback? Find out if Rousseau is her last name? Found out about Montand arm?
A. Will find out if Danni is dead or alive in 4x09, havent seen last of the character of Rousseau.

Q. Which minor charcters will be at Lockes or Jacks camp? Eg, Steve or Frogurt dude.
A. Frogurt, stayed with Jack. Scott is dead, Steve is with Locke. Joop with go with Locke.

Q. Know more about Mrs Hawking? Seeing her etc?
A. Will find out why she was with that monk. Will see her again.