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Episode 4x09 The Shape of Things to Come - The War Begins

Hey Losties,
As reported by previous spoilers, the first post-strike hiatus episode of LOST is Episode 4x09 The Shape of Things to Come and will see the so-called "war" or battle for the island begin.

Othersville and Team Locke will be attacked and apparently Claire will be in danger when one of the Othersville homes explodes. However, it seems the attack on Othersville will also affect Team Jack as one of Kristin's latest tidbits confirms that Jack will be a little "messy" by episode 4x10.

Kristin also mentioned the casting call we posted from DarkUFO yesterday.

Renny in Miami: What's up with the big war coming on Lost?
It goes down in the first episode back (April 24) and Jack looks a little, er, messy by episode 10. Also, in the first ep back, there's a dead body.

Source: E! Online