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Episode 4x09 - Official ABC Podcast with Lindelof and Cuse

Here is the official ABC LOST Podcast with producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse who discuss Episode 4x09 The Shape of Things to Come and then literally adress some things that will be coming.

Nothing to major new, but there is a summary below for those that can not listen to it or need the translation.

Thanks to TLA and Timmy for these points of interest:

How did Ben appear in the desert wearing a Dharma Parka? (dubbed 'Darka' by Damon)

This is a 'long set-up' which will become clear over time. The vapor rising off him is mentioned. Strong suggestions that we will see him in a later episode wearing the same 'Darka'. Coincidence between Ben's location in Tunisia and the polar bear ruled out. They are connected.

Does Ben control the smoke monster?

Ben 'summoned' the monster but he does not control it.

Why can't Ben kill Widmore?

There are rules in place that are governed by a 'larger force'. Distinction made between force and forces (plural). Jacob?

Do fish and birds go through the time warp?

If they don't take the correct bearing, yes. Implications for the bird released by Claire and Charlie. "Ezra James Sharkington was born in the year 1805" He's a 203 year old shark. Um, OK.

Will we see any more traditional flashbacks?

"All bets are off". They reserve the right to include flashbacks, flashforwards and otherwise but you may get some of that old 'nostalgia' back eventually. They're very satisfied with how the show is operating at the moment.

Was Harper a manifestation?

It really was Harper. She is with the others.

Damon and Carlton are off to watch the finale being filmed

-Ben appearing in the desert is a "long set-up," meaning it may be awhile before it's explained.

-Although Ben was able to summon the monster, he didn't have control over what it did once it arrived.

-There may be a "larger force" that's responsible for the "rules" in Ben and Charles' conflict.