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Emerson Reveals some Minor Spoilers in Interview

During his most recent interview, LOST star Michael Emerson revealed some minor spoilers, confirming that the final 5 episodes will focus on the Oceanic 6 and that his "professional killing comes into play"

Here are the little spoilery details and link to the full article:

When the show resumes this week, Emerson promises that things get kicking.

"It's going to knock you out when you see that next episode," he says. "It's so full of developments and movement, I can't tell you."

Even his future in professional killing comes into play, he says, with the fates of the "Oceanic Six" - those characters who make it off the island - getting plenty of attention in the season's final episodes.

For Emerson, Ben's future fits his character. "Ben is a man who must sometimes be angry because he's never going to have the quiet happiness of family and home," he says.

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