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Episode 4x09 Bakir - New Behind the Scenes Set Pics

**UPDATED** 9:30PM PST - ADDED: Ryan's Set report which confirms more filming tomorrow and Friday. plus we have removed some of the images to improve the load time of the post, but you can still view all of his pics at the links below.

Looks like we should have some good info in the next two days and a possible confirmation on the episode will focus on.

Though “LOST” production started in earnest on Monday, March 10, work was largely limited to the Hawaii Film Studio on Diamond Head. Today, however, substantial construction work was coming together in urban Honolulu for a two-day location shoot beginning tomorrow. The crew has been building a dusty, rubble-strewn Middle Eastern town in the back corner of a school.

What town? Signage appears to be in sanskrit, and the campus-wide alert advising students and staff of the filming described it as an “Iraq/Afghanistan scene” — but this may be a guess.

There was a remarkable amount of carpentry and concrete, with new structures going up in front of an existing facade of low-rise apartments. Military trucks and wrecked cars stood guard in front of roadside stands selling pottery and used luggage. A large archway seemed to serve as the centerpiece of the scene.

Filming is scheduled for both tomorrow and Friday, and no doubt students will gather to watch between classes. The first star sightings will likely provide the best clue as to whose character’s story will be covered in Episode 4×09, “Bakir.”

Ryan@The Transmission

Hey All,
LOST Production is back and rolling!! Thanks to our good friend Ryan@The Transmission for the first set photos of Episode 4x09 (Bakir).

According to previous LOST spoilers, this episode features Middle Eastern characters and from the set pics you can clearly see that the set is being built to look like it is set some where in the Middle East.

Ryan is still on the set and promises more soon. So please check back for updates, but in the mean time here are the set pics.

Enjoy and namaste.

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View More Pics Here: Ryan's Flckr