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Leaked Season 6 Finale Script Pages - Confirmed Real

UPDATE: May 3rd - The script pages have been confirmed as REAL, so do NOT read them unless you want to really know what will happen.

So it seems after a week or so after the leaked call sheet hit the net now some "leaked" script pages have also found their way online!?

For a couple of seasons there have been no leaks like this and now with in two weeks pages for the finale have been leaked??

The call sheet has been confirmed as real and well according to our good friend DarkUFO's sources these pages seem legit.

The pages were leaked via an Italian site and I believe ABC has their legal team working away.

There are no major reveals but the pages seem to reveal some interesting details and almost a whole act which includes a few scenes.


Here is a link to Dark's Rumors page, but as we said these are pretty much confirmed as real. Check out the page below and if you are ok with this material then check out the link for more.