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Latest from Kristin - April 21st


"The baby is fine." Why, you may ask, did I outright sob when Jin said those four words to Sun in the hospital in the Sideways world? Because I have it on good authority that things are going to get very ugly for many of our favorite Losties in coming weeks, and I'm pushing for most if not all of them to land in their lives in the Sideways world at the very end. (Please oh please, Darlton, make it so?) Of course, in the case of Sun and Jin, that only works if their baby girl survived. And she did!

John Locke Is in Good Hands: Another plea for the outcome of the Sideways world? John Locke seems to be on his way to being able to walk there too, and have Helen (Katey Segal) and eat their wedding cake, too. Jack, who is told "that's why we called in you" when he arrived to the hospital, seems considerably more confident and qualified to perform a miracle...Especially now that he's a man of faith!

The Man in Black Is Tom Hanks! According to tonight's promo, the Man in Black's "soul had gone mad...living alone in the wilderness." Are you to tell me that if he'd had a volleyball-head pal like Wilson in Castaway, all this evil could have been avoided? Damn.

Bring a Hanky Next Week. You will cry. Unless the smoke monster already ate your soul.

Source: E!Online